6 ways how cloud computing could benefit your business

Gone are the days of the local server. Sure you may still have one as a backup. You may even have rooms filled with local servers, but cloud computing is the way of the future, without a doubt, and it will change how you run your business.

The cloud is a powerhouse built to run businesses effectively and efficiently, so it’s not surprising that it’s extraordinarily popular.

The benefits of cloud computing is a long and extraordinary list, especially if you’re a business owner. Here are just 10 of the many cloud computing advantages.

1. Work from multiple locations

This offers a business lot of flexibility. Staff hires are no longer restricted by geography. And most of the employees say they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible work options.

Money can be saved on offices or property costs because the Cloud lets you work from anywhere. Your business no longer needs to be restricted to small target markets just because of where it is based.

2. Competitive edge

Saving the best for last? It could well be the case. The Cloud allows small businesses to work with enterprise business sized applications. This can give a business a serious edge over the competition.

In fact, the advantages that accrue are all going to give a business an edge over any non-Cloud based competitor.

The Cloud has significant benefits for any business but it can be even more effective for a small business.

It is continuing to grow in popularity and allows smaller businesses to build and grow in ways that weren’t previously possible.

Imagine how your business could grow with all the advantages that come with Cloud computing.

3. Disaster recovery

Think of all the disasters that can shut down your office. Flood, fire, theft and technology outage. Snow and Ice cause havoc when they hit Australia. They can all stop your business or your staff from being productive.

Using the Cloud for disaster recovery means if your office can’t be used your business can still operate.

The rise in cyber attacks means protecting data has become even more important. Storing data in the Cloud means you can still access it if your computers are hit by an attack. Don’t worry IT support services at Perth will take care of all your solutions.

4. Cost benefits

Often a business will find spending less on technology decreases performance. That is not the case when using Cloud technology. It eliminates the expenditure associated with IT maintenance and upgrades, as these are costs that your Cloud Service Provider will incur.

It also removes the need for highly-specialist staff to keep your infrastructure running, as again these are costs that your IT partner will shoulder.

Businesses can save money on their infrastructure because of the flexibility they can gain. For example voip systems for any small business is a great boon as it gives a great degree of ease.

5. Flexibility

The Cloud makes a business more flexible and more agile. Staff can work from any location as documents can be stored in the Cloud and accessed securely from any location. This can make collaboration with global brands much easier.

A business using the Cloud can scale up operations a lot quicker. New users can be accommodated easily and quickly. Is your business growing and needs more data? You can easily adapt compared to non-Cloud based infrastructures.

6. The cloud has better security

Cloud computing offers more security than local servers. You never have to worry about losing critical data and business applications because of a natural disaster or full-on computer meltdown.

Some cloud providers even backup data to additional remote servers so data loss just won’t happen. Cloud providers also perform more regular security audits than you probably would on your local server. This makes it airtight and your sensitive information is kept under wraps.


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6 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Exploit Digital Marketing Tools Immediately

Businesses need effective marketing approach because of the high competition in the market and limited resources. Small business owners need to focus more on efficiency if they want to beat the local competition.

How do you market your business in your locality?

Hoardings and pamphlets do not have the reach that can help the business grow exponentially. If you aim to grow linearly, then old marketing strategies and tools are enough for you; however, if exponential growth is desired, then you need to incorporate more on the digital front than other tools.

1. No boundaries

After the introduction of the digital sphere, the world is known as a Global Village because it has made everything available at the reach of your hands. Yes, there are no set boundaries on the digital front, i.e. no geographic or demographic barriers which can prevent you from offering your products and services to your customers. Small businesses can target potential customers in a faraway place with minimum efforts; thus, improving the sales notably.

2. Enhanced impact

A professional website and engaging profiles on digital platforms can have an incredible impact on your target audience; luring them towards your business. Some marketplaces are more competitive than others, e.g. a business owner in New York or London needs to employ more efficient marketing strategies than an owner in Auckland or Iowa.

Do you have a business website?

Are you looking for trusted web designers in NYC like DinoRiese experts?

Experts believe that a website is like a digital portfolio of the business, i.e. it is responsible for making the first impression on the customers, while the digital profiles complement it. Such reasons express the significance of digital presence for any business; no matter small or large.

1. Cost-effective approach

A digital marketing approach is considered cost-effective because it allows you to reach a much wider audience than any other marketing approach. If you have an efficient strategy, then desired results can be expected without worries. Although, the digital front is highly competitive, still, it is the most cost-effective marketing approach compared with the outcomes that it provides.

2. Results are measurable

The best part about a digital marketing strategy is that the results can be measured easily. It deals with numbers directly; allowing you to measure the conversion rate, profits and losses, and accordingly, improve your practices to enhance positive results. You can never estimate the number of people that you can reach with hoarding or with the help of television/radio advertisements.

3. Direct communication

Digital platforms allow you to interact with your target audience directly; helping you understand their requirements and desires, and accordingly, improve your products and services. When you address your audience directly, they feel valued, which will not only improve your brand image but also, attract them towards the brand (loyalty). Direct communication kills the middleman, which prevents any type of miscommunication between you and your customers. If your target audience can communicate their needs to you adequately, then only you can create products & services that satisfy them completely.

4. Market research

Gone are the days when the only method to know your target audience was to request them to fill a survey form or by studying their purchasing preferences. The digital sphere has introduced many other methods of market research and targeting potential customers, i.e. you can study their personal profiles and their purchasing preferences on e-commerce portals to identify their likes & dislikes, needs and desires. This will help you create something that they will want to buy and also the right way to market it to them. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others, all have billions of users worldwide; however, as a small business owner, you can study your locality precisely and accordingly target your customers on the right platforms to ensure maximum results.

Every brand needs to run with the new technology to stay ahead of the competition and ensure one-hundred percent efficiency. The digital world is what can change the way we market our business, so efficiently utilise it right away.

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