4 Ways in which Duplicate Content can harm your website

Content duplication is a parasite on the world wide web. Web hijackers have been plagiarising content for a long time now. But how does it really harm a website?

Generally, website owners fail to find out that their content is being copied. Although, no search engine will ever place copied content higher in the search results, sometimes it does. That is when website owners might realize that their content is being stolen.

Like any other theft, content theft is unethical too. And if you indulge in the publication of any duplicate content, you might have to go through punishments of several kinds. These punishments will harm your website adversely.

Keep reading to know about the 5 Ways in which duplicate content can harm your website.

5 Ways in which Duplicate Content harms a website

Running a website for a business is not easy. There is always so much to take care of. Plagiarism is one such concern. It can harm your website in a number of ways.

Talking about the ways in which Duplicate content can harm your website, below here is a list of 5.

1. Search Engine Rankings will be disturbed

You can’t publish copied content on your website hoping it will float on the top of the search results. Search engines are very smart these days. Attempts of manipulating search engines like this fail in most cases.

Also, search engines like fresh content. No search engine would ever like to let a stale piece of content rank up in its index. This just means that even if your rankings get a sudden boost in the search engine (which is not probable to happen), your website will anyway lose all the rankings in no time.

2. Links will be diluted

Quality content has a lot to do with the link quality and quantity. If you are creating the best content in your niche, chances are there will be website owners, who will be linking to you.

While on the other hand if your content is copied from a source, your website will be less likely to receive any such links. Your link profile will be highly diluted by publishing duplicate content.

3. Google values the original source

In the previous year, 74.54% of the total web searches took place on Google alone. This just means that if you are aiming to get more organic visitors on your website, you can’t afford to mess with Google.

Publishing duplicate content on your website is one way of doing that. The best thing about Google search is that it values the original source. If the content on your website is copied from some other website, you can be sure that you can’t keep ranking for a long time.

4. DMCA Takedown

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. And this act is the actual reason why you should never copy someone else’s content. You never know who is up to file a DMCA complaint against you. This way you will lose all the website rankings and search engine presence completely.

This is the complete wipe-out option. If you ever have to go through this, none of your website’s links will be visible in at least the first 10 pages of any search engine.

Also, if someone copies your content, you too can file a DMCA complaint.

Final words

Copying content from a website to yours might seem like a good idea initially. In actuality, it can do a lot more damage than it can benefit you.

There are many tools to find out if your content is duplicate to any extent. You can even use those tools to make sure that the content which you are publishing is of good quality, is not duplicate, and is not just spun up using a content spinning tool.

Content is the king, so never let it down.

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