Top 5 Online Plagiarism Checker tools that cheaters should be scared of

Content is the king, and plagiarism is its enemy. In 2018, the Center for Academic Integrity conducted a study. With this study, they found out that 80% of college students admitted to having copied at least once in their lives.

This becomes a more serious problem when businesses are at stake. Many people, in fact, think that plagiarism just means copying someone’s content or borrowing their ideas. While plagiarism is an offense, beyond these words.

If we go by the definition, the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary says that plagiarism is when:

  1. You copy literature (steal literary property to be more specific)
  2. Someone’s ideas or products are being presented as someone else’s
  3. You share some information or content claiming it under your name or without crediting the source

Mentioned above are some parameters which define plagiarism in simple terms. Apart from these, copying any form of content, textual or visual, and using it with or without the same format is also a form of plagiarism.

But how can you prevent it? Plagiarism is a practice which affects businesses, both offline and online. To keep yourself safe from its toxicity you need to be cautious. Using online plagiarism checker tools is a great way of doing that.

For the same, here are Top 5 Online Plagiarism Checker Tools which every cheater should be scared of.

Top 5 Online Plagiarism Checker Tools which every cheater should be scared of

Battling plagiarism without help seems impossible. You can’t really find out all the sources where a piece of content was copied from. Plagiarism checker tools are a great help in such cases.

Below here, have a look at the best plagiarism checker tools of all time.

1. Grammarly

A tool which identifies plagiarism, and helps you become a better writer at the same time. What else can a writer ask for?

All you need to do is download Grammarly to your computer. You can also install Grammarly extension to Google Chrome if you write a lot in your chrome window. But, once it’s set up, you can relax.

Grammarly identifies all the typographical, and grammatical errors in a piece of written content. Apart from that, it also suggests corrections for the same. Talking of content duplication, Grammarly manages it for you.

You can always check a piece of content for any plagiarism using Grammarly. Either you can use the Grammarly free version, or pay for the premium version depending upon your needs.

2. Paperrater

Plagiarism is not just a problem on the web. Students copying assignments, and projects also is a worry here. Paperrater is one cloud software which offers 3 amazing features which contribute towards better plague-free content.

It’s 3 major features are as follows.

  1. Automated proofreading
  2. Grammar checker
  3. Plagiarism Checker

It gives instant results, is completely hassle-free, and after all free to use. While if you are up to pay for the premium version, it will let you upload longer content pieces, and will present faster results.

3. DupliChecker

Another great plagiarism detection software, DupliChecker is pretty simple to use. You can either copy and paste the content to check if for duplication, or simply upload a document.

If you are a writer, it’s a good tool to use. You can register to the tool for free. All unregistered users get 1 free search per day, while if you register, the count reaches 50 searches a day.

4. PlagTracker

The best thing about PlagTracker is that it’s free to use for ‘n’ number of words. This just means that you can use this tool for detecting plagiarism as much as you need.

While the drawback of using PlagTracker is that, your documents can be queued up for plague check, for upto 30 minutes. These long waiting times repel users who need instant results. Also, reviews tell that this tool is not 100% accurate. So, relying on it totally might not be a good idea.

It is advisable to try another tool after PlagTracker, for the sake of a cross check.

5. Copyscape

You can’t talk of plagiarism detection tools, and not mention Copyscape. This is one amazing tool which offers plagiarism detection to a great accuracy.

The best thing is that you don’t need to do a lot. There is no need of uploading any documents, or copying and pasting content. Instead, you can simply copy and paste the link to your content, and hit enter.

Copyscape runs a scan of your content and looks for the same around the web. After running the scan, copyscape will inform you of any copied parts in your content, along with the source where it was copied from.

This is how it just makes plagiarism detection really easy.

Final words

Content protection is an important part of running a business. And when your business is online, plagiarism becomes a worse threat to it.

Search engines are always rolling out content updates, eliminating thin and duplicate content from the search results. This just means that you in no way should indulge in plagiarism, and try to protect your content from being plagiarised.

While plagiarism is somewhat hard to find out, using the tools above, you can achieve that. Also, there can be websites or blogs using your content without your consent.

In such a case, you can push a mail to the administrator about resolving the same. If no action is taken, you can file a DMCA complaint against the website and its owner.

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