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1 years ago

Google Voice Search learns Latin American Spanish, Indonesian, and Malaysian

" Google Voice Search has just introduced localizations for Latin America, Indonesia and Malaysia , enabling native language search for hundreds of millions of users. Google’s official blog post offers some interesting insights into the process of collecting and analyzing the speec... "

daranpet5.blogspot.com published "Google Voice Search ..." 1 years ago and bears a possible resemblance. - Compare
1 years ago

Daily Crunch: Rained Out Lunch Edition

" Video: Complete Hand Recognition With 5-Finger Mouse Amenbo (Video) Konapun: Making Tiny, Inedible Food For Fun And Profit (?) The UNISROBO Robot Looks A Lot Like NEC?s PaPeRo ThinkGeek Now Selling The FastMac U-Socket, The USB Wallplug Gunbrella Will Get You Shot For Sure Audyssey Lower East Side ... "

noeltroge.posterous.com published "Daily Crunch: Rained..." 1 years ago and bears a possible resemblance. - Compare
1 years ago

Microsoft trumpets Windows Phone 7 numbers on first birthday

" Happy first birthday, Windows Phone 7 ! One year on, and the fledgling mobile operating system has 36,000 active developers in its AppHub community, 1.5 million downloads of its Developer Tools, and 11,500 apps in its Marketplace. Microsoft is quick to take a couple shots at competit... "

conniestamas.posterous.com published "Microsoft trumpets W..." 1 years ago and bears a possible resemblance. - Compare
2 years ago

Shot Shot Pirate is a fun, simple physics game

" Shot Shot Pirate is very satisfying, because each level is short and to the point. You know what you have to do and you just do it. As you may have gathered from the name, you’re cast in the role of a pirate. Your goal is to shoot at a diamond and make it fall off a tower of bri... "

rocymadsen.posterous.com published "Shot Shot Pirate is ..." 1 years ago and bears a possible resemblance. - Compare

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