Who's using your feed content?

Type your website domain above and we'll show you if your content is being used somewhere other than your website. See an example of this in action.

How does CopyGator work?

The CopyGator service aggregates data from over two million blog feeds, and parses over a half million new blog posts a day. Our servers then crunch all of this data and evaluates every post against each other to determine if any two are roughly, nearly, or exactly alike.

When two posts are determined to be alike, we show this "collision" of content in the overview page for both websites that published the post. We show whether the post borrows some elements or is a flat out exact copy.

View this example page of our content protection overview for Gizmodo.com

How does this help me as a blogger?

Bloggers now have the power to monitor their feeds without having to search the blogosphere manually. The CopyGator will do all the work for you: searching/comparing/presenting the results. We show you exactly where your content is being duplicated, quoted or plagiarized.

Best of all, this is done automatically and free of charge.

Why are some collisions labeled 'near' and others 'exact'? What does it mean?

Depending on the different levels of similarity, the overview page will explain how close any two posts are in human terms, such as :

bears a possible resemblance. (Both posts share a small section of similar text, perhaps both share a similar quote)

share many similar elements (Both posts share multiple sections of similar text, perhaps they've had expanded on your post)

is an exact copy (Both posts are identical)


Ok, I want to use this service, how do I submit my website?

Getting started with CopyGator is easy :

Option 1 - Add an image badge to your blog

Simply copy and paste this badge onto your blog and CopyGator will find feeds on your site and watch your content automatically. Click your badge when you install it to go directly to your overview page. Watch for him to change color to red if he detects your content has been duplicated elsewhere in the blogosphere.

<< This turns into this to notify you >>

Simply copy and paste the code below onto your website and copygator will handle the rest. Click the icon anytime you wish to see where your content is being used.

<a href='/?via=b'><img src='http://i.copygator.com/?cg=7d363' border=0/></a>

View larger image badge options

Option 2 - Tell us to watch a specific feed

Provide a valid RSS FEED and the CopyGator will create an overview page for you. All subsuquent posts you create will be watched throughout the blogosphere by the CopyGator.

Optional - Don't forget to ping us!

Simply setup your blog software to ping feeds and posts to this address below, the CopyGator will handle adding that feed and aggregating your new posts. This ensures we always have the most current posts to search with.


Ok, I've added my feed, how will CopyGator contact me when he finds duplicated content?

We have multiple options to keep you updated when we find your content duplicated in the blogosphere:

Option 1 - Notices by E-mail

Search for your website using the search bar at the top of this page. On that content protection overview page will be an option to receive notices via email anytime we find duplicated content for that website.

Option 2 - Notices by RSS

All of our content protection overview pages are streamed through RSS FEEDS. You can simply subscribe to our content overview feed for any website and receive updates through your favorite RSS reader.

Option 3 - Notices by Image Badge

If you install the CopyGator image badge, you can watch for him to red if he finds new duplicated content for your website. To learn how to install the image badge click here

Option 4 - Search by website name

Using the 'Who's using your feed content' search bar at the top of any page wil take you directly to your content overview page. You can then bookmark that page for reference later.