6 tips to remember while choosing a tiling contractor

There are many factors that people consider when hiring a tiling contractor depending on their specific needs and the expertise of the service at hand. However, there are two vital factors that you will certainly need to keep in mind at all times. And they are that the contractor should have at least three years worth of experience plus a proven and watertight track record in both wall and floor tile installation. No matter what your opinions on tiling are, you simply cannot afford to forget these two aspects under any circumstances. It is as simple as that.

In this regard, trying to take matters into your own hands might just end up being the worst idea ever. Not only do you lack any sort of expertise in general, but you will be clueless about where to even start. Things will be even worse off for you if you have never installed tiles before. You can be sure of that. Plus if you happen to have a large project, then hiring a professional is an absolute no-brainer. Whether you are looking to hire a professional London tile company or any other tile company, that is a fact.

Hence you need to do your homework and keep a few tips in mind at all times. Here are six most important tips :-

1. Be sure to select the tile: Strangely, this does not occur to most people out there. Even though this may seem strange at first, but this will determine not only the scope of work, but also the sheer level of expertise and skill required.

This also depends on your budget as well. For instance, if you are using tiles of different sizes, it will end up being a lot more expensive for you as well as difficult to install.

2. The aspect of a professional referral: More than often in this case, word-of-mouth recommendations is the best way to select a professional tiling contractor. Plus, if you get a recommendation through a friend, you can even go and inspect the installation for yourself in order to get a better idea of how the contractor at hand works.

3. A list of reputable contractors: Since this is a list who buy from your local supplier on a regular basis, rest assured that they will certainly be well-worth your time. Not only will you have a good point of reference, but there is also the fact that they are likely to have a considerable amount of experience as well.

4. The size and requirements of the project: Selecting the best tiling contractor in Essex is only half the battle won. Once you have selected them, you need to find out whether the overall requirement and size of your project suits their level of expertise, experience and most importantly, their availability. There are no two ways about that.

5. A quote in writing: A detailed quote is essential since it takes into account all of the rendered service as well as the proper material that has been used. Even other aspects such as certain guarantees and the overall time frame need to be kept in mind.

6. The correct installation system: To ensure this aspect, you need to sit down and have a thorough chat with the tiler at hand. You can determine the correct installation system even by speaking to a trained salesperson with the right experience. You can even visit the website of a renowned manufacturer to find out more information about the subject.

Finally, you need to keep all the above points in mind and see the process through untill the very end. Too many people tend to make the mistake of simply checking the initial factors of the project without seeing it all the way through to the end. Not only does that lead to mistakes and errors down the line, but there is also the fact that your hard-earned money will go waste.

Most of all, you cannot afford to forget the fact that even one badly placed tile can go as far as to jeopardize the entire project at hand. Not only are tiling mistakes difficult to cover up and fix in the long run, but you will end up wasting a considerable amount of time and money just doing double work.


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