Incredible ways to decorate your home with flameless candles

Flameless candles are super hyped products these days. Not only for domestic use, but they are being used by store owners to attract many customers and are also used as wedding gifts these days. While there are many people who enjoy LED lights and call themselves the modern people, there are some old fashioned ones who still enjoy the glow of a beautiful candlelight and don’t wait for holidays and special occasions to light one to relax themselves. If you have purchased a bulk of flameless candles and don’t what to exactly do with it, then this post is a must read for you. Read on for some incredible tips on how to decorate your home with flameless candles.

Stairway to heaven

If you have both indoor and outdoor stairs, then you are in for a treat. Since you don’t have to worry about any wax dripping on your stairs, place battery operated candles on the stairways to give the illusion of a stairway to heaven on Earth. You can do this trick for both the stairways inside and outside your home. Give some gaps in the stairs like one stair gap or two stair gap for a proper symmetry.

Candlelight dinners are classic

Who doesn’t enjoy candlelight dinners with their loved ones? It’s serene, romantic and has just the perfect glow that is needed for a dinner date. Decorate your dining table with these candles to create special moments everyday. Even when you are not dining, you can use them as centrepieces and even place them of the side stands and centre tables for a perfect symmetry which you will absolutely adore.

Lit study table

Studying or completing your office work can be quite tiring and hectic at times and to soothe your body and relax your brain, place scented flameless candles on your study table at all times. Since they come with switches for on and off functions, you can easily switch it on when you sit on the table to work and once you are done, you can switch it off. This will help with better concentration and even reduce your stress levels.

Bedroom romance

Bedrooms are meant for sharing some relaxing, sweet, comforting and intimate moments with your loved ones and without the right ambience, it can be quite difficult to create the right mood. Install flameless candles at at your bedside tables, near the television screen and practically at every place where you can see the candle glow well and contribute better to the whole mood.

Floor seating with lights

There are many people who love to create low seating in their bedrooms or living rooms for additional space. If you are one of those that you cannot really think of centrepieces but you can always go for fairy lights and flameless candles to do the trick. Since these candles are safe and do not cause any burns or fire starts, you can place at the low seating and enjoy the aura.

Enchanting bathrooms

While many think of this to be absurd, there are many people who like to keep their bathrooms enchanted with led wax candles in Australia . You can place them near your bathtubs for a relaxing and aromatic long bath and you can even it behind your wash basin and on your toilet seats with some other decor pieces.

Holiday tree decor

Even if you have always wanted to place candles as beautiful decor pieces on near your Christmas tree, you could never do that, but now it is possible with battery operated candles. Place them near the tree, on the tree or any place you like without any worries.

Use these pretty cool decor ideas to light up your home with battery operated candles like never before, without the stress of checking upon them constantly or burning anything.

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