Who's using your feed content?

Type your website domain above and we'll show you if your content is being used somewhere other than your website. See an example of this in action.

Getting started with CopyGator is easy!

Here's a step-by-step process to get our content watchgator working for you and your website for free.

Step 1. Is your website and feed already here?

There's a good chance that CopyGator is already watching your content for you. Simply use the "Who's using your feed content" search box above to search for your website name, such as "example.com". You will either go straight to the content overview page for your website or to the 'Not Found' page. If we don't have you in the system, continue to step 2.

Step 2. Adding your RSS feed.

We have three options to add your feed to our system. Once added, allow us a little bit of time to setup your content overview page. CopyGator will start automatically monitoring your feed and actively looking for rough,near and exact copies in the blogosphere.

Simple select one of the options below and you're all done! If you want to learn more about how our service works, click here.

Option 1 - Add an image badge to your blog

Simply copy and paste this badge onto your blog and CopyGator will find feeds on your site and watch your content automatically. Click your badge when you install it to go directly to your overview page. Watch for him to change color to red if he detects your content has been duplicated elsewhere in the blogosphere.

<< This turns into this to notify you >>

Simply copy and paste the code below onto your website and copygator will handle the rest. Click the icon anytime you wish to see where your content is being used.

<a href='/?via=b'><img src='http://i.copygator.com/?cg=469d5' border=0/></a>

View larger image badge options

Option 2 - Tell us to watch a specific feed

Provide a valid RSS FEED and the CopyGator will create an overview page for you. All subsuquent posts you create will be watched throughout the blogosphere by the CopyGator.

Optional - Don't forget to ping us!

Simply setup your blog software to ping feeds and posts to this address below, the CopyGator will handle adding that feed and aggregating your new posts. This ensures we always have the most current posts to search with.